PSC Meeting 2021-02-03


  • Vero Andreo (PSC chair)
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Martin Landa
  • Anna Petrasova
  • Vaclav Petras
  • Moritz Lennert (minutes)
  • Michael Barton
  • Huidae Cho
  • Markus Neteler

Election debrief

  • List of voters
    • All contributers
    • + (for next elections) users who answered questions on list/stackexchange
      • define threshold of number of posts
    • Organize a hackfest before the elections to invite power users to contribute
    • How to avoid duplicates ?
      • Warn future CRO about duplicates
      • Merge all lists into one, sort by emails and delete duplicates
        • Then ask voters to check
      • List of voters of 2020 will be stored in OSGeo Nextcloud (see "Misc" below for client settings)
      • Action point: give access to new PSC members
  • Length of mandates: Staggered mandates to ensure continuity ?
    • Decision: mandates of 6 years with 1/2 elected every 3 years
      • Seats up at for next elections (i.e. only 3 year mandate):
        • Moritz
        • Martin
        • Helena
        • Michael
    • How to handle resignations ?
      • Decision: Replace by the first on the "waiting list" (list of people standing for elections, but not elected, ranked by number of votes)

PSC roles & tasks (for 3 years)

  • Chairperson - Vero
  • Treasurer - Moritz
  • Release manager - Markus, Martin
  • Infrastructure manager - Markus
  • Translation manager - Huidae
  • Website & Marketing manager - Michael, Vero
  • Github manager - Vaclav

Do we need a mission statement of the GRASS GIS project ?

  • Make internalized approach and philosophy more explicit
  • Express/define what GRASS GIS' (target) audience is
  • Decision: Michael will provide a first proposal on the wiki

How do decide on minimum requirements for programming languages (from grass-dev:

  • Which platforms should we support ?
    • Proposal: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MS Windows, OSX
  • Python
    • Issue is more with Python libraries than the core Python
    • target: 3.7 (3.6 end of life at end of 2020)
  • Decision: Ask devs discussing the issue to write RFC

Proposal: Use of RFCs for fundamental changes in the code

  • RFCs
    • are very visible
    • clearly mark the discussion as more important than a standard PR/Issue
    • make rationals explicit and easily retrievable
  • See as example
  • Where to post them ?
    • Trac wiki
    • Github wiki
    • Github repository
  • To be discussed further
    • Use discussion on programming language versions (above) as test case

PSC meeting frequency

  • Decision: one meeting / trimestre


Nextcloud offers a convenient client (

Here the folder(s) to sync:

nextcloud client settings for PSC

Example for nextcloud client settings for PSC

Then find the files on your disc in the nextcloud folder which you defined during setup.

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