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PSC Election 2020

Call for election

The PSC election 2020 starts on 2020-12-21 and ends on 2021-01-25. The new committee will be formed by 9 members. This is in accordance with the current PSC chair and the original planning when constituting the PSC.

1. The process

The election process is split essentially in two phases: 1) the Nomination and 2) the Voting. Final actions are announcing the results and officially forming the new PSC, formed by 9 members.

1.1 Nominations

During the Nomination phase, any member of the GRASS-GIS community, can nominate any community member for being a candidate for the PSC.

Current PSC members are to be nominated for re-election in the same way by the community as possible new candidates.

To set a nomination in motion, an e-mail should be directed to the CRO (cro.grass at including name, contact e-mail and shortly why a person is recommended as a PSC member.

The CRO will then contact the recommended person asking for confirmation. The nominated person has to accept the candidacy for the PSC and will be asked to write a few lines stating what she/he wants to achieve as part of it.

A nomination and its acceptance are required to be sent directly to the CRO in private. Following confirmation, it is the CRO's task to officially announce a nomination.

1.2 Voting

The CRO will ensure to invite all eligible voters.

Eligible voters are all people who

  • have write access to any of the GRASS GIS repositories (including add-ons and website).
  • have posted a pull request to github
  • have contributed to Transifex

During the Voting period, eligible voters, can vote their preferred candidate(s) via an on-line tool which will protect privacy.

Each voter can vote one time. However, there is no limit as to how many, among the candidates, a voter can select.

2. Time frame

  • announcement of elections: 2020-12-15 (incl. CRO)
  • nomination period: 2020-12-21 to 2021-01-11
  • presentation of the candidates: 2021-01-11 to 2021-01-18
  • elections: 2021-01-18 to 2021-01-25
  • announcement of the newly elected PSC: 2021-02-01 at latest

2.1 Nomination Period

The nomination starts on 2020-12-21 at 12:00 UTC, runs strictly for 3 weeks and ends on 2021-01-11. Following this period, there will be a one week of no-action to have time to reflect and decide.

You are kindly asked to refrain from canceling an already announced nomination or support and request for a new nomination. Unless there are serious reasons to cancel a nomination, modification of the list of nominees will not be possible after the end of the 3rd week.

2.2 Presentation of the candidates

The presentation of the candidates runs from 2021-01-11 to 2021-01-18. The nominated candidates will be asked to write a few lines stating what she/he wants to achieve or work for as part of the PSC.

2.3 Voting Period

The voting period will run from 2021-01-18 at 12:00 UTC up until 2021-01-25.

2.4 Results

Votes will be counted and the top 9 voted candidates will fill the seats to form the new PSC. In case of a vote tie, the CRO will randomise the selection between the tied candidates for a PSC seat.

Results to be announced, at latest, on 2021-02-01.

Afterwards, the newly formed PSC will elect the chair person, being one of the new members.

3. Overview

3.1 Nomination (I)

  • from 2020-12-21 to 2021-01-11
  • e-mails directed to the CRO by:
    • a community member to nominate a candidate
    • the nominee to confirm acceptance of candidacy

3.2 Nomination (II)

  • from 2021-01-11 to 2021-01-18
  • re-think, evaluate, decide for candidate(s)
  • e-mail from the candidate directed to the community with a statement of her/his aims as part of the PSC
  • email directed to the CRO by a candidate for canceling candidacy (possible only for important reasons)

3.3 Voting: from 2021-01-18 to 2021-01-25

Eligible voters are all people who

  • have write access to any of the GRASS GIS repositories (including add-ons and website).
  • have posted a pull request to github
  • have contributed to Transifex
  • privacy/anonymity guaranteed by using OSGeo LimeSurvey, OSGeo's on-line voting system
  • voters will be invited via email

3.4 Results

The new PSC will be presented at latest on 2021-02-01.

Preparation of the list of nominees for the PSC election 2020

Any community member is eligible to propose a new PSC member candidate. A motivation must be added why the proposed candidate may be a good choice for the PSC.

To submit a PSC member nomination:

  • Confirm with the nominated person first.
  • Send the nomination email to the CRO.
  • The CRO will contact the nominated person.
  • In case of acceptance, the CRO will forward the nomination to the PSC mailing list along with a copy to the GRASS dev list and the GRASS user list - so that the community remains informed.
  • The CRO will update the table of nominations below.

Deadline: Monday, 11 January 2021, 12:00 UTC

List of nominees:

Candidate's nameCountryBy: (Nominator), link to announcement
Verónica Andreo Argentina By Stefan Blumentrath link to nomination announcement
Helmut Kudrnovsky Austria By Markus Neteler link to nomination announcement
Markus Neteler Germany By Helmut Kudrnovsky link to nomination announcement



Voting result (ranking, name, number of votes):

1.  ...    NN
2.  ...

The new GRASS GIS Project Steering Committee (PSC) is composed of 9 members (ranking, name, number of votes):

1.  ...    NN
2.  ...


  • Number of eligible voters: ---
  • Cast votes: ---

OSGeo LimeSurvey voting system

  • Uploaded eligible voters file xxx bytes, at DD MM YYYY: done processing: NNN voters loaded
  • Trustee fingerprint and Audit information


The entire election process is encrypted. The CRO, being the administrator of this "private" election, can only verify which of the invited members did vote.


Helios' voting system features "Audited Ballots". More information at:

OSGeo LimeSurvey

Election tally

Even more, anyone should be able to verify the election tally at "Helios Election Verifier":

OSGeo LimeSurvey


Trustees are responsible for decrypting the election result. Each trustee generates a keypair and submits the public portion to Helios. When it's time to decrypt, each trustee needs to provide their secret key.

For this election, however, the automatically selected, by the system, trustee was selected and no other persons where involved in this process.

  • Trustee #1: OSGEO Limesurvey Voting Administrator
  • Public Key Fingerprint: xxxxxxxxxx
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