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(Power) Users

Subscribe to the mailing list and answer questions where you have gained some knowledge (and everybody knows something!).

Contribute to the wiki, improving documentation, providing examples, write source code, fix bugs etc.


Using the Ticket system is the best way to submit code contributions. See for example #33.

Code quality: Check Your code according to GRASS "BestPractise" guide list.

What else: see development collection (to be moved here)

Procedure to request GRASS-SVN write access

To avoid security and code quality issues, a procedure has been established to control and grant GRASS-SVN write access. In general, write access must be requested and is not automatically assigned. Any code submission must be compliant with the GRASS submission rules.

  • Write access to the Main GRASS-SVN repository:
  • Write access to the GRASS-Addons-SVN repository:
    • GRASS developers with write access can grant SVN write access to contributors (you may contact an active developer, see grass-dev mailing list archive). The selected developer is a sort of "sponsor/mentor" for the requester. Procedure:
      • The requester has to read and abide by the document Legal aspects of code contributions (RFC2).
      • The request has to be send to a GRASS developer or the GRASS-PSC chair, stating that RFC2 was read and accepted. After a period of evaluation, SVN write access may be granted and is set up in the OSGeo authentication system (see below).
      • New commands stored in the GRASS-Addons-SVN repository should be also added as link to the Wiki list of tools.

Setting up the new SVN write access

Once SVN access is granted, the requester needs to obtain an "osgeo_id" at If s/he already have an "osgeo_id" but forgot it, it can be searched at The GRASS-PSC chair (currently Markus Neteler) and other developers can add this "osgeo_id" to the list of enabled accounts in the OSGeo LDAP authentication system.

Contributions have to follow the BestPractise rules (see also SUBMITTING* files in the source code).

Then what?

Get the source code and Happy hacking :) The requester should subscribe to the grass-commit mailing list which distributes GRASS-SVN commit differences for real-time code review.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.