List of new features in GRASS GIS 8.2

NOTE: This is a legacy page. See wiki:Release and 8.2.0 on GitHub.

What's new in a nutshell

The new stable release GRASS GIS 8.2 is available. Efforts have concentrated on parallel processing, single window graphical user interface, and a new grass.jupyter package for interacting with Jupyter notebooks.

Detailed list of new features:


  • See on GitHub.


Graphical User Interface

  • Single window graphical user interface from Settings > Preferences > General

Migrating from GRASS GIS 7 to version 8.x

With the addition of semantic labels, the temporal database was modified to version 3 and hence, to be able to read and process GRASS 7.x space-time datasets, users will be prompted to run G82:t.upgrade. If users want to read space-time datasets newly created in GRASS 8 back in GRASS 7.x, they can run G78:t.downgrade.

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