Imagery Library/Modules in GRASS 7



  • Update modules to GRASS 7, rewrite modules which uses XDRIVER and to integrated them in wxGUI environment (e.g. i.class)
  • Merge of i.points, i.vpoints, i.points3 - drop these altogether? (loss of interactive XDRIVER)
  • Merge of i.rectify and i.rectify3 - maybe depend on gdalwarp C API for this?
  • Addition of new resampling algorithms such as bilinear, cubic convolution (take from r.proj?)
  • Add other warping methods (maybe thin splines from GDAL?)
  • Implement/finish linewise ortho-rectification of satellite data
  • ~Depreciate tape functions in next major revision of GRASS~ and create a tape module that accomplishes tape access. - still desired? MN 10/2008

See also: Ideas collection for improving GRASS' Image processing capabilities

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