Web-based GUI for GRASS GIS

Here should go a detailed and systematic description of possible implementations of web-based GUI for GRASS GIS as discussed for GSoC 2014 in GRASS-dev GSoC 2014: GRAS GIS Web UI (nabble, gmane).


GTK+ Broadway

Starts its own graphical session which instead of rendering on screen (as X server would do) renders HTML5.


  • No need to write any GUI code, so there is no duplication and no additional maintenance


  • Not (yet?) available for wxPython (done for GTK+, works with wxWidgets)
  • Not possible to include web technologies (WebGL), tools (e.g. IPython Notebook) and JS libraries (d3)
  • 3D view (nviz) in GUI will not work (G7:m.nviz.image might)


  • Still needs file management to be implemented.



  • Although it uses free and open source, the solution itself is proprietary (which completely disqualifies it here but it can serve as an inspiration)
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