Introduction: Compile GRASS on Windows

Develop your own GRASS modules on MS-Windows

Refer to the following document on how to develop GRASS modules:

(1) Download and install the current WinGRASS release.

(2) Follow the instruction written here:

(3) Open this document:

You don't need to build "all" GRASS in order to build your own modules; the smartest way is to:

(3a) Run the configure as suggested by the guide and run the "export PATH=[...]" command

(3b) run: make libs

(4) Assuming that you have your own GRASS module "example.module" in C:\msys\local\src\my-grass-modules\example.module:

(4a) go to your module's source root: cd /usr/local/src/my-grass-modules/example.module

(4b) run: make MODULE_TOPDIR=/usr/local/src/grass-6.3.0 *

your own module's binaries will be built in: C:\msys\local\src\grass-6.3.0\dist.i686-pc-mingw32\bin * while the html help pages in: C:\msys\local\src\grass-6.3.0\dist.i686-pc-mingw32\docs\html *

(5) just copy the binaries and the html pages to your "GRASS-Install-Dir\bin\" and "GRASS-Install-Dir\docs\html\" respectively

  • the specific GRASS path name (..\grass-6.3.0\..) may change, depending on the current GRASS source code release
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