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wx attribute table manger fails on wingrass with >188 dbf tables

Reported by: hamish Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: normal Milestone: 6.4.6
Component: wxGUI Version: svn-releasebranch64
Keywords: wingrass Cc:
CPU: x86-32 Platform: MSWindows XP



as reported to the -users ML:

On latest nightly builds of 6.4.0svn WinGrass if you have a mapset with >188 dbf tables you get an error when you try to edit in the attribute table gui.

I can reproduce this on Windows XP (spaces in both $GISBASE and $GISDBASE) but not on Linux (no spaces in path names). But I get an error, no infinite loop.

  • create a new mapset called eg test255
  • at the msys prompt create a bunch of maps:
    for i in `seq 350` ; do
      v.random out=test_$i column=rand_01 zmax=1
  • test with test_262
  • add map to Layer Manager, query it, no problem.
  • right click on map name in layer manager, edit attributes.
  • attribute manager opens
  • right click on an entry, edit it, and click Submit.
  • you get a popup error window:
    __Error in command execution db.execute__
    Execution failed: 'db.execute input=c:\docume~1\hamish\locals~1\temp\tmprnzmdi driver=dbf
    database=C:\Documents and Settings\Hamish\grassdata/spearfish60/user255/dbf/'

and in the layer manager Output tab:

Traceback ...
  File "c:\Program
Files\GRASS-64-SVN\etc\wxpython\gui_modules\", line
1425, in OnDataItemEdit

  File "...\", line 1783, in ApplyCommands

  File "...\", line 356, in __init__

_("Error: ") + self.GetError()))

If I run db.execute directly from the msys prompt it works ok:

echo "UPDATE test_285 SET rand_01=0.999 WHERE cat=12" | db.execute test_285


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comment:2 by hamish, 11 years ago

needs to be retested with a modern build

comment:3 by hamish, 11 years ago

retested with the latest 6.5svn nightly snapshot and whatever the heck the trouble was here seems to be fixed now.

In testing notice a couple other little bugletts.

  • even though the column is double precision the attribute manager displays the value as single precision %f. Submitting a double precision number there gets rounded to single precision.
  • in the cursor query tool on the main map display the vector layer doesn't have to be in 'Start editing' mode to change the value of what's selected, or a tick box in the query result window which comes up. Raw data is sacred and should be read-only unless the user specifically asked for it not to be. (with d.what.vect you had to use the -e flag to make it editable)


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