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STVDS and libgis error on OS X

Reported by: mankoff Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.2.4
Component: LibGIS Version: 7.2.2
Keywords: temporal, stvds Cc:
CPU: OSX/Intel Platform: MacOSX


I'm able to create STRDS on OS X, but STVDS aren't working. Following the example here: the t.register command fails, with the following error:

> t.register type=vector input=points file=seasonal_points.txt
Gathering map information...
WARNING:root:Needed to restart the libgis server, caller: Server check thread
ERROR: Exception raised: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor Message:

This occurs on OS X with GRASS 7.2 installed via Fink or MacPorts. It does not happen on Linux, leading me to believe this is an OS X specific bug.

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comment:1 by neteler, 6 years ago

Could you try to run the test framework of GRASS GIS?

Maybe it helps to isolate the problem.

comment:2 by mankoff, 6 years ago

Unfortunately I do not think I can do this. I have the GRASS source source code from subversion on a Linux VM and I can compile and build there. I do this for testing and because I hope to start contributing patches, not just bug reports. But I do not know how to set up a test environment on OS X, because the GRASS source does not properly build on OS X AFAIK. I am aware of the patches and etc. that MacPorts/Fink/HomeBrew use to get it to install, but I'm not familiar enough with those environments to step into them and run the test commands you link to above.

comment:3 by mankoff, 6 years ago

I apologize - it appears I can run these tests. They do not require *compiling* the source.

I have some output, but don't know what to do with it.

From the terminal, I have:

> $GRASS_PYTHON -m grass.gunittest.main --location nc_spm_08_grass7 --location-type nc
test_dbcolumns from ./db/db.columns failed (1 test failed)
test_dbcopy from ./db/db.copy failed (4 tests failed)
test_dbdescribe from ./db/db.describe failed (2 tests failed)
toolboxes from ./gui/wxpython/core failed
gis_lib_str_color from ./lib/gis failed (14 tests failed)
test_assertions from ./lib/python/gunittest failed (4 tests failed)
test_assertions_vect from ./lib/python/gunittest failed (6 tests failed)
test_doctests from ./lib/python/pygrass failed (1 test failed)
test_doctests from ./lib/python/pygrass/gis failed (1 test failed)
test_history from ./lib/python/pygrass/raster failed (1 test failed)
test_doctests from ./lib/python/pygrass/rpc failed
test_doctests from ./lib/python/pygrass/vector failed
test_geometry from ./lib/python/pygrass/vector failed
test_geometry_attrs from ./lib/python/pygrass/vector failed
test_vector from ./lib/python/pygrass/vector failed
test_vector3d from ./lib/python/pygrass/vector failed
test_utils from ./lib/python/script failed (12 tests failed)
test_doctests from ./lib/python/temporal failed (11 tests failed)


I'm getting a lot of dialogs popping up alerting me that Python quit unexpectedly. And I have the HTML test results in /testreport/testfiles.html.

Where should I dig deeper?

comment:4 by martinl, 6 years ago

Milestone: 7.2.4

comment:5 by mankoff, 5 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

Opting to close because I'm the only person who seemed affected by this issue and I'm not using OS X any longer.

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