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Show which operations comply to computational region

Reported by: wenzeslaus Owned by: wenzeslaus
Priority: normal Milestone: 8.0.0
Component: wxGUI Version: svn-trunk
Keywords: g.region, computational region, beginners, forms, module dialogs Cc:
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The general rule is that everything follows computational region, however in GUI it is actually not the case and it is not when novice user expects. My suggestion is to add a notice to all places in GUI saying how computational region applies.

For module dialogs, I think all dialogs can just have same general note. This may be confusing for vectors and general, so we may alter the message for those. In GUI, 3D uses resolution. Many things like, r.univar, r.colors, histograms have unclear relation to region in GUI.

I have a simple patch for the module dialogs, but some discussion may be needed. Line like this may be in couple of other places so the compromise is between additional information for greater understanding and more clutter in GUI.

  • gui_core/

    649649        accelTable = wx.AcceleratorTable(accelTableList)
    650650        self.SetAcceleratorTable(accelTable)
     652        # tell user about computational region
     653        self.region_info = wx.StaticText(
     654            parent=self.panel,
     655            label=_('Most operations follow computational region with the exception of vector operations'),
     656            style=wx.NO_BORDER)
     657        guisizer.Add(self.region_info, proportion=0,
     658                     flag=wx.EXPAND | wx.LEFT | wx.RIGHT | wx.BOTTOM,
     659                     border=5)
    652661        if self._giface and self._giface.GetLayerTree():
    653662            addLayer = False
    654663            for p in self.task.params:

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Example note about computational region in module dialog

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Example note about computational region in module dialog

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