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After abort command from wxGUI vector output of devation (devi) couldn´t be removed, or overwrited

Reported by: jeleniste Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: normal Milestone: 6.4.6
Component: Vector Version: 6.4.0 RCs
Keywords:, wxgui, wingrass Cc:
CPU: x86-32 Platform: MSWindows XP


Removing vector <devi@hutur_DEM>
Tabulka <devi> připojená k vektorové mapě <devi> neexistuje
Nelze smazat soubor <C:\Documents and Settings\BRMichalek\Dokumenty\GIS DataBase/JTSK/hutur_DEM/vector/devi/coor>
couldn't be removed
<devi> nothing removed

I run command with bad parameters (so hungry for time) after some time i try abort command by button stop, after change of parameters, command don't run because can't overwrite vector map of deviation (fůag -overwrite was used), I try to use module g. remove, but layer devi is broken and module g.remove isn't able to remove this.

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comment:1 by martinl, 14 years ago

Component: defaultVector

comment:2 by hamish, 13 years ago

so I guess a file is left open by a zombie process? does Windows force closure of any open files once its process has ended?


comment:3 by helena, 13 years ago

This appears to be a MSWin issue - I can confirm that on MSwindows fails to write either topology or the attribute table (or both) for the devi file and I had to run on the devi file to use it, but the result was OK.

I cannot provide more details now because it runs fine on my Mac at home. Perhaps the path to the vector directory is not built properly (I am just guessing here, I have not looked at the code), maybe it needs fixes to handle the spaces in the directory names? I also noticed that the path above has both \ and / is that correct?

I am running GRASS6.4.1RC1 on both MSWin and Mac.


comment:4 by neteler, 13 years ago

A solution might ge to use Vect_delete() immediately before the G_fatal_error() call(s) in order to get rid of the devi map while closing the process.

comment:5 by hellik, 13 years ago


comment:6 by hamish, 12 years ago

is this still broken?

comment:7 by neteler, 8 years ago

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