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#1038 closed defect (worksforme) fails in Windows 7 with "Access is denied"

Reported by: marisn Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: critical Milestone: 6.4.0
Component: Vector Version: 6.4.0 RCs
Keywords:, wingrass Cc:
CPU: Unspecified Platform: MSWindows 7


Today one of my students got hit by Windows 7 permission issue. (IIRC it also applies to XP/Vista)

Launching from WxGUI fails with "Access is denied".

Problem was solved by allowing User to modify "C:\Program Files\GRASS..." folder and it's contents. Still it's not an option, as User might not have rights to change access restrictions in "Program Files" also it's a BAD design to write anything in "Program Files" during normal usage.

WinGRASS 6.4.0 RC6 on Windows 7

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comment:1 by hamish, 14 years ago

what's the last few messages you see before it dies?

(--verbose + DEBUG=5 from the command line)

No idea if there is a way to run a strace on MS Windows, probably some app to do that out there.

It may not be trying to write a file; "Access is denied" could mean the file is not-readable, doesn't exist, etc.


ps- module name and wingrass as keywords so the filters pick them up

comment:2 by hamish, 14 years ago

Keywords: wingrass added


I've no way of testing on XP right now. Can anyone reproduce this & provide debugging output?


in reply to:  2 comment:3 by hellik, 14 years ago

Replying to hamish:


I've no way of testing on XP right now. Can anyone reproduce this & provide debugging output?


taken from the dev-ml (

> > 
>> [*] ... can someone test if 6.4's works on XP/Vista/7?
>we have been running it all semester on XP/Vista/7 without any complaints, 
>but I would have to specifically
>check who actually ran it with GRASS installed under Program Files. 
tested with the nightly-build  WinGRASS-6.4.SVN-r42075-1-Setup.exe 
(installed in c:\Program Files\ in WinVista32) and the example from the manual:

Spearfish example (we simulate randomly distributed elevation measures):

g.region rast=elevation.10m -p
# random elevation extraction
r.random elevation.10m vector_output=elevrand n=200 -c elevrand elevrand

# interpolation based on all points elevrand zcol=value elev=elev_full
r.colors elev_full rast=elevation.10m
d.rast elev_full
d.vect elevrand

# interpolation based on subset of points (only those over 1300m/asl) elevrand zcol=value elev=elev_partial where="value > 1300"
r.colors elev_partial rast=elevation.10m
d.rast elev_partial
d.vect elevrand where="value > 1300" is working.

tried with the spearfish-example in the wx-gui-command-line and also the wx-gui for in a WinVista32-box (Grass64 installed in the default c:\Program Files\ without any modifications). is working in both ways.

best regards Helmut

comment:4 by neteler, 13 years ago

Seems to be solved?

comment:5 by marisn, 13 years ago

Resolution: worksforme
Status: newclosed

I have no access to Windows 7, as problem was on one of my students laptops. Tested on Vista with account without write permission to GISBASE and everything was working fine.

Closing and let's hope for the best.

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