Building on Windows with NMake

If you use Microsoft Visual C++ (7.1 or later) compiler, you can build GEOS using NMAKE program and provided files.


Building from release source package (e.g. geos-3.3.5.tar.bz2) or SVN development branch trunk requires to run autogen.bat script to generate a couple of header files:


Building from SVN development branch requires to generate the geos_svn_revision.h file with POSIX shell script:


Notice, tools\ is a Bash script, so you need Bash some means to run Bash scripts on Windows.

Alternatively, you can create geos_svn_revision.h file manually in the top directory of the source tree:

  • In the root directory of your copy of SVN trunk:
    svn info
  • Locate line starting with Revision:
    Revision: 3704
  • Use the revision number (in the output above it is 3704) to create geos_svn_revision.h:
    echo #define GEOS_SVN_REVISION 3704 > geos_svn_revision.h


  • Optimised configuration
nmake /f

where 1400 is version number of Visual C++ compiler, here Visual C++ 8.0 from Visual Studio 2005. Ssupported versions are Visual C++ 7.1 (1310), 8.0 (1400), 9.0 (1500) and 10.0 (1600).

  • Debug configuration

Check top section of nmake.opt file to learn about available options for NMake run.


Currently, GEOS unit tests package is not configured to build with NMake.

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