Test regime

When preparing a release we will use this checklist.

General checks

  • All checks have to be done using Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Version number of the release has been updated.
  • Check content of sample metadata & data:
    • Should contain proper thumbnails.
    • online resources should contain 1 sample data file.
    • 1 sample web map service.
    • 1 sample WMS server (to show Capabilities).
    • 1 Web Map Context document.
  • Update strings in English and synchronize the other language files. Here's a description of a function that can assist with this process. Synchronize language files
  • Check the links provided on the links page.
  • Check the help and search instructions to be in line with application.
  • Test import & export of MEF files for the generated examples.


  • Installation instructions should be correct.
  • Installer will insert sample metadata if selected.
  • Installer should create shortcuts on Windows, including those to the user documentation.
  • Clear instruction how to change admin password.
  • Navigation between search, results and full metadata.
  • Use of interactive maps.
  • Check remote search.
  • Check keyword search.


  • Test iso19139 metadata editor:
    • make sure online resource sub templates for download, web map service, web link & web map context are available.
    • check working of the thesaurus to add keywords.
  • Test FGDC & DC templates and editing.


  • Administrative services have to work on IE, Chrome and Firefox as the minimal requirement.
  • Check each of the available services filling out all as well as the minimum details in the different forms (e.g. address in contact details etc.).
  • Check the different harvesting methods that have been implemented (and hide those that have not yet been implemented or have severe problems).
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