Release strategy:

  • Stable releases are created on a time schedule: every six months
  • Release Candidate 1 is built two weeks after RC0
  • Release Candidate 2 is built two weeks after RC1
  • Final Release is built two weeks after RC2

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) can postpone a release by vote on the mailing list.

Branch strategy:

  • Trunk is for development and is automatically built with uneven version numbers
  • Even numbered branch is created from trunk on code freeze (version RC0)
  • Automated builds based on trunk will use the next uneven version number immediately after code freeze
  • Fixes are committed to both trunk and even numbered branch
  • Release Candidates are built from the even numbered branch

For releasing files on follow these instructions (release manager only)

Uploading can be done through SCP with the following command: scp geonetwork-install-2.10.0-0.???

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