The following table shows GeoNetwork harvesting tests. The goal of these tests is to improve GeoNetwork's cross-platform interoperability. These results do not mean that the servers tested are not interoperable. Instead, they are showing that the combination of the GeoNetwork harvesting mechanism with the specified server and version have problems to interoperate. Those problems could be both in client-side (GeoNetwork harvesting) or in server side, and need to be fixed for the sake of the users community, and to help building connected SDIs.

ServerGN version and buildHarvestingHarvester URLClientDoes harvest work?ErrorProtocol & versionComments
ESRI GeoPortal Build 7809CSWhttp://localhost:5555/geoportal/csw?request=GetCapabilities&service=CSW&version=2.0.2GeoNetworkYes - but records without gmd: prefix will be rejected because of a bug in handling of namespaces and prefixes - the bug is #546 and a fix has already been developed for 2.7 CSW 2.0.2ESRI Geoportal installed on localhost with ISO19115 records. NOTE: If using 'Free text' in search criteria, specify search term with '%' wildcard characters eg. %ESRI% would search for records which have the string ESRI anywhere in their content.
GeoNetwork2.7 Build 7809CSWhttp://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/en/csw?request=GetCapabilities&service=CSW&version=2.0.2ESRI GeoPortal 2.0.2ESRI Geoportal harvesting from GeoNetwork using CSW synchronization with Profile 'GeoNetwork CSW 2.0.2 APISO' selected. NOTE: (1) Set the CSW Server Configuration values in Administration->CSW Server Configuration on GeoNetwork before attempting synchronization otherwise you will receive funky error messages in the ESRI Geoportal Add screen about 'title' not set etc. (2) Records must validate against schemas otherwise they will be rejected by the ESRI Geoportal (code says something about isDraft but not sure yet how to tell Geoportal to harvest them as draft/unfinished).
GeoNetwork2.7 Build 7809OAIPMHhttp://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/en/oaipmhESRI GeoPortal 2.0ESRI Geoportal harvesting from GeoNetwork using OAIPMH synchronization with prefix iso19139 and set 'datasets' NOTE Records must validate against schemas otherwise they will be rejected by the ESRI Geoportal.
ESRI Geoportal Extension 9.3.1 2.7 Build 7939 CSW GeoNetwork No exceptionCode="InvalidParameterValue" locator="ElementSetName" <ExceptionText>ElementSetName is not valid for 'original' outputScheme</ExceptionText> CSW 2.0.2 This response, which is generated when GeoNetwork sends a GetRecordById request, seems to me to be a trifle odd as both the outputSchema and the elementSetName used by GeoNetwork are advertised in the Geoportal's GetCapabilities statement in the GetRecordById operation section! Fiddling with the GetRecordById request outside of GeoNetwork, I can get the record if I drop the outputSchema, and elementSetName works just fine with brief and summary as well as full. Even more odd is that 'original' is also listed as an outputSchema and when used as an outputSchema it works correctly by returning a dc metadata record.

Older tests:

ServerGN version and buildHarvestingGetCapabilities URLSoftwareDoes harvest work?ErrorCSW versionComments
Spanish SDI2.2 build r1291CSW server does not support GET requests; GeoNetwork is using GET for the GetCapabilities request2.0.0Basic web client:
BAFG - Germany2.2 build r1291CSWSOAP service, cannot be accessed from GeoNetwork harvestingCustom-SOAPNoThis Server only supports SOAP, direct requests such as GetCapabilities are not available???WSDL (Axis):
ICC (Spain)2.2 build r1291CSW is null???
Diputación A Coruña (Spain)2.2 build r1291CSW server does not support GET requests; GeoNetwork is using GET for the GetCapabilities request???
SANDRE2.2 build r1291 CSW 2.2 built locally (based on a 2.2RC2)Yes 2.0.1
Dutch Space Agency2.2 build r1291CSW (Developed by them)Yes 2.0.1
LAITS - George Manson University (USA)2.2 build r1291CSW problem: GetRecordById operation missing2.0.0
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada2.2 build r1291CSW "Raised exception when searching"2.0.0
Italian G-SDI node2.2 build r1291CSW problem: "GetRecords" operation missing2.0.2This is because GeoNetwork is sensitive to upper-lower case. Capabilities in this node has the operations getRecords, getRecordById (with the first “g” lower-case)
ESRI demo2.2 build r1291CSW x.yNoGeoNetwork: "Raised exception when searching"2.0.2
Demo deegree2.2 build r1291CSW 2.1NoGeoNetwork: "Raised exception when searching"2.0.0
AWCUBED2.2 build r1291CSW 2.2Yes 2.0.2
AWCUBED2.2 build r1291GeoNetworkhost: , port: 8080 , servlet: geonetworkGeoNetwork 2.2Yes Direct GeoNetwork harvesting
NASA2.2 build r1291CSW NoGeoNetwork: "Raised exception when searching"2.0.2
INSPIRE2.2 build r1291CSW "Raised exception when searching"2.0.0
GEOSS2.2 build r1291CSW Manson UniversityNoCapabilities problem: GetRecordById operation missing2.0.2
Geospatial One Stop (USA Government)2.2 build r1291CSW ArcIMS 9.1NoGeoNetwork: "Raised exception when searching"2.0.0
Slovakia enviroInfo2.2 build r1291CSW "Raised exception when searching"2.0.2
Swiss Geographic catalogue ? CSW GeoNetwork No GeoNetwork: "Raised exception when searching" 2.0.2
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