Project Steering Committee

The GeoNetwork Project Steering Committee (PSC) makes decisions on GeoNetwork opensource project issues. The PSC consists of a maximum of seven experienced and active members of the community.

In brief the committee votes on proposals on the geonetwork-dev mailinglist. Proposals are available for review for at least two days, and a single veto is sufficient to delay progress though ultimately a majority of members can pass a proposal.

Members that are inactive can be replaced by the PSC. If the PSC becomes dysfunctional, the project management falls back to the chair.

Members of the Project Steering Committee

Former members of the PSC

  • Jesse Eichar
  • Andrea Carboni (acarboni * crisalis-tech com - Independent consultant)
  • Archie Warnock (warnock * awcubed com A/WWW Enterprises)

Detailed Process

  1. Proposals are written up and submitted on the geonetwork-dev mailing list for discussion and voting, by any interested party, not just committee members.
  2. Proposals need to be available for review for at least two business days before a final decision can be made.
  3. Respondents may vote "+1" to indicate support for the proposal and a willingness to support implementation.
  4. Respondents may vote "-1" to veto a proposal, but must provide clear reasoning and alternate approaches to resolving the problem within the two days.
  5. A vote of -0 indicates mild disagreement, but has no effect. A 0 indicates no opinion. A +0 indicates mild support, but has no effect.
  6. Anyone may comment on proposals on the list, but only members of the Project Steering Committee's votes will be counted.
  7. A proposal will be accepted if it receives +2 (including the proposer) and no vetoes (-1).
  8. If a proposal is vetoed, and it cannot be revised to satisfy all parties, then it can be resubmitted for an override vote in which a majority of all eligible voters indicating +1 is sufficient to pass it. Note that this is a majority of all committee members, not just those who actively vote.
  9. Upon completion of discussion and voting the proposer should announce whether they are proceeding (proposal accepted) or are withdrawing their proposal (vetoed).
  10. The Chair gets a vote.
  11. The Chair is responsible for keeping track of who is a member of the Project Steering Committee.
  12. Addition and removal of members from the committee, as well as selection of a Chair should be handled as a proposal to the committee. The selection of a new Chair also requires approval of the OSGeo board.
  13. The Chair adjudicates in cases of disputes about voting.

When is Vote Required?

  • Anything that could cause backward compatibility issues.
  • Adding substantial amounts of new code.
  • Changing inter-subsystem APIs, or objects.
  • Issues of procedure.
  • When releases should take place.
  • Anything that might be controversial.
  • Add a new member to the PSC
  • Add a new committer to the code repository


  • The Chair is the ultimate adjudicator if things break down.
  • The absolute majority rule can be used to override an obstructionist veto, but it is intended that in normal circumstances vetoers need to be convinced to withdraw their veto. We are trying to reach consensus.

Advisory Board - proposed to be abolished on 07 November 2013

Author: Jeroen Ticheler
Contact: Jeroen.Ticheler@…
Status: Adopted during 2nd GN Workshop 2006 - amended during the 3rd GN Workshop 2007

During the Second GeoNetwork Workshop in April 2006, held in Rome - Italy, an Advisory Board (AB) was established. The AB meets on a yearly basis to discuss the requirements of the participating agencies and to define a work plan for the following year. The meeting is open to all members & interested parties of the GeoNetwork opensource Community. Working group sessions are organized to gather project requirements and to come up with a work plan. The workshop will also provide technical sessions around the GeoNetwork opensource software and where possible around related software.

The day to day management of the project is left to the Project Steering Committee (PSC). The PSC will seek consensus within the developer and user community and is responsible for the implementation of the work plan.

A goal set out by the AB is to make the community building process an inclusive, consensus based effort. At the Rome meeting, the AB agreed to have the project go through the incubation process of the OSGeo Foundation to establish it as a full OSGeo project.

Members of the Advisory Board

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