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Installation and Configuration Examples

Example 1

  • from Tom Kralidis


  • os: fc10
  • db: MySQL 5.0.67
  • java: 1.5.0_06
  • apache: 2.2.10
  • tomcat: 6.0.18
  • Other notes:
    • required to run on port 80 (tomcat is tied to apache via proxy_ajp)
    • no X11 capability (restricted to command line only)


  1. create a MySQL geonetwork db instance

$ mysqladmin create geonetwork

  1. Create a u/p for the database

> grant select, insert, update, delete, drop, alter, create on table geonetwork.* to geonetwork@’localhost’ identified by ‘password’;

  1. download and build GeoNetwork source (either latest stable or svn trunk [I'm using SVN trunk])

$ svn co ./geonetwork $ cd geonetwork && ant

  1. update web/geonetwork/WEB-INF/config.xml
  • in geonet/resources, set the McKoi resource to resource/@enabled="false"
  • in geonet/resources, set the MySQL resource to resource/@enabled="true"
  • In the MySQL XML definition:
    • set resource/config/user to the username you set in MySQL
    • set resource/config/password to the password you set in MySQL
    • set resource/config/url to jdbc:mysql://HOSTNAME:PORT/DATABASE_NAME
  1. run GAST

$ cd geonetwork/gast && java -jar ./gast.jar -setupdb

  1. Update tomcat configuration (in $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml, inServer/Service/Engine/Host)
      <!-- geonetwork -->
      <Context path="/geonetwork" docBase="/path/to/geonetwork/web/geonetwork" reloadable="true"/>
      <Context path="/intermap" docBase="/path/to/geonetwork/web/intermap"/>
      <Context path="/geoserver" docBase="/path/to/geonetwork/web/geoserver"/>
      <Context path="/geonetwork/docs" docBase="/path/to/geonetwork/docs"/>
  1. Update the Apache proxy_ajp configuration (mine was in /etc/httpd/conf.d/proxy_ajp.conf)
   ProxyPass /geonetwork ajp://localhost:8009/geonetwork/
   ProxyPass /geoserver ajp://localhost:8009/geoserver/
   ProxyPass /intermap ajp://localhost:8009/intermap/
   ProxyPass /geonetwork/docs ajp://localhost:8009/geonetwork/docs/
  1. Restart tomcat (service tomcat6 restart OR $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ && $CATALINA_HOME/bin/
  1. Restart Apache (service httpd restart OR /path/to/apachectl restart)
  1. Go to http://HOSTNAME/geonetwork

Other info

  • you have to set $SERVLET manually in gast/data/index.html. gast.jar usually sets this up through X11.
  • if you make changes to the source code, running ant at the root of the dist builds the code again with the changes. You shouldn't have to reboot tomcat or apache