• Morning :
    • Bluenet
      • No large map viewer
      • Bounding box in metadata using OL
      • Search is done through CSW
      • CSW is augmented with summary search information to create a filter panel on the right column
      • Search form is created in ExtJs
      • Metadata shown in popup floating Extjs window
      • Keywords with autoselect keyword list
      • Working on using GetDomain in search
      • Harvested nodes and local groups are combined in the catalogue filter field (drop down list in the search form)
      • Complex spatial searches support for custom or predefined polygons
      • CSW test suite is passed except for the Filter "or" operator when filtering on a combination of a spatial and some other search criteria
      • Support for multilingual metadata editing
        • Languages supported are defined per metadata record. So adding a new translation to a metadata record is done within the record, no matter what the new language is
        • Search is done using a search index per language. Search will use all indexes and boost the default language.
      • Relations between parent and child are defined through a small GUI popup that allows you to search and identify the parent or child. Link will be created in both directions.
      • Context sensitive labels used in metadata
      • Suggestions lists for some free text fields. These are defined also in the labels.xml file as a helper element.
      • Validation of metadata based on different profiles and schemas. When it fails one of these validations, it is automatically unpublished if it was public before.
      • Hidden elements. Visually you can see which parts are publicly visible or not. Click on the red or green toggle button. Filter is stored in the database.
      • Reusable elements, for example contacts. A popup allows to select the contact (and even edit its properties that are then reflected on the other metadata pointing to the same contact)
      • Draft Z3950 harvester
      • GM03 Catalog Gateway Protocol (SwissTopo) harvester (catalogs supporting this will be replaced with CSW catalogs)
      • Statistics pages to review some user behavior, using numbers & graphics
  • GéoSource : Mathieu & Francois
    • A new Keyword selection panel where you select the thesaurus and then start searching and adding keywords to the metadata
    • ISO19110 support. Maintained as separate but related records. Discussion if this could be handled within one and the same record.
  • Geonovum NGR: Jeroen & Heikki & Jose
    • No concept of a logged on user with more search privileges. The logged on user can publish metadata, all content will be available only to guest users.
    • Suggestion to not abuse the group concept or organizations, but refine the model used.
    • Sorting on keywords
    • UUID clashes are resolved after the clash happens, to avoid the need to take an action in advance when there may be no need.
  • ebRIM: Erik, Heikki & Jose
    • Maven presentation
    • hibernate and sping
  • Afternoon :
    • plenary presentations

Wednesday (proposal)

  • Morning :
    • BLuenet
    • Testing framework in Jeeves: Just
    • Perfomance
  • Afternoon :
    • Maven integration
       +- pom.xml
       +- geonetwork-jeeves
       |       +- src/main/jeeves
       |       +- src/test/jeeves
       |       +- pom.xml
       |       +- docs
       +- geonetwork-gast
       |       +- bin
       |       +- data
       |       +- src/main/org/fao/gast
       |       +- src/test/org/fao/gast
       |       +- pom.xml
       +- geonetwork-web
       |       +- bin
       |       +- installer
       |       +- jetty
       |       +- schematron
       |       +- src/main/org/fao/geonetwork
       |       +- src/test/org/fao/geonetwork
       |       +- web
       |       +- pom.xml
       +- geonetwork-doc
    • Unit test integration (
    • Features ? define priority


  • Morning :
  • Afternoon : presentation


  • Morning :
    • Marketing: GN has no real logo, and the banner looks eighties (how subjective is that ;-) )
    • Create an OSGeo sponsor program (see GDAL sponsorship) or a foundation for GeoNetwork to support some common bug fixing & tasks
  • Afternoon :

Items suggested

  • GeoNetwork
    • v2.5
      • unit testing / Jeeves service unit testing using JUnit and XMLUnit
      • admin / harvesting / run harvester in synchrone mode (needed for unit test)
      • admin / organisation/group logo
      • UI use ExtJS or not ? OpenLayers, GeoExt, MapFish ?
      • editor / Validation report / Schematron & XSD
      • editor / Multilingual support
      • editor / Keyword selector (if ExtJs)
      • editor / hidden elements
      • schema / Feature catalog support
      • split out language packages (define the format for such structure)
      • split out the metadata profiles in packages (define the format for such structure)
      • move away from Druid database format files to SQL for installer & default content
    • 3.x :
      • Modularized structure
      • Domain-driven approach
      • Great unit test coverage
      • Use of Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Hibernate Search, Axis2
      • No more Jeeves, and no more (or less) XSLT for the GUI. But how to achieve it?

Improvements / Performance

  • replace lucene.xsl by Java : Heikki
  • view metadata = update popularity = index again : Jose made it asynch
  • indexing : allow partial update index for a document ? eg. only one field like popularity ?
  • CSW : GetRecords / XSL run record by record
  • One key objective should be a significant improvement of the search speed
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