Vagrant is a tool that works together with VirtualBox to create a reproducible development environment. GDAL now includes a Vagrant configuration file that sets up a Ubuntu Precise 64bit virtual machine, installs all needed dependencies (quite comprehensively, except proprietary ones), and builds GDAL.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox (might not be needed if Vagrant installer comes with VirtualBox).
  1. Download and install Vagrant.
  1. Download GDAL sources :
        svn co gdal
  1. Execute the vagrant configuration:
        cd gdal/gdal
        vagrant up
  1. Wait for the base virtual machine to be downloaded the first time, complementary packages to be downloaded, GDAL dependencies to be built and finally GDAL to be built and installed...
  1. Log in to the gdal-vagrant virtual machine:
        vagrant ssh
  1. Run any GDAL command :
        gdalinfo --version
  1. Hack GDAL...
        cd /vagrant
        [ modify files ]
        sudo make install

Visual Studio 2008 Express compilation

  1. Do the previous steps
  1. Log in to the gdal-vagrant virtual machine:
        vagrant ssh
  1. Download and install Visual Studio 2008 express :
    cd ~/gdal/gdal/scripts/vce2008_wine
  1. Compile GDAL :
    cd ~/gdal_vce2008/gdal
  1. TBD run GDAL binaries through wine
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