DXF/DWG Driver

The DXFDWG driver is currently a write-only driver dependent on the Open Design Alliance DWGdirect libraries for writing to the DWG and DXF formats. The DWGdirect library is not open source, though it is offered under fairly permissive terms. Because the driver implementation includes adapted portions of the DWGdirect source code, it has had to be moved out of the normal GDAL/OGR source distribution (#1816) and now lives in

Note: The normal GDAL/OGR source has a DXF only, but read-write driver.

Driver user documentation:

To build:

1) insert driver into your source tree something like:

cd ogr/ogrsf_frmts
svn checkout

2) Install DWGdirect library somewhere appropriate.

3.linux) On Linux configure using the DWGdirect configure options:

  --with-dwgdirect=path Include DWG direct support
  --with-dwg-plt=platform DWGdirect Platform, defaults to lnxX86

3.win32) On Windows update the DWGdirect portion of the nmake.opt file.

4) Build/install normally.

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