• 2012-04-28 - Pilot project of CMake configuration for GDAL is being developed internally by Kitware. It should be delivered soon, so stay tuned. Once first beta is released to the public, it will be available for testing, improvements

NOTE: The discussion below may be out of date, and not reflecting the actual status. To be updated.


This page is dedicated to discuss details of proposal, design and implementation of CMake configuration for GDAL.

In 2009, idea of CMake for GDAL was roughly discussed by Emmanuel Christophe and eventually a prototype project had launched at but suspended a few months later and the project disappeared from Google Code. The CMake adoption for OSGeo/FOSS4G projects continued with very good results, for example QGIS, libLAS, GEOS, GeoTIFF as well as FOSS in general (KDE, clang). So, the idea of CMake configuration for GDAL was still alive in the community.

At FOSS4G 2011, the CMake for GDAL received some attention with follow-up on the mailing list announcing CMake For GDAL may get potential support from Kitware.

CMake is a highly capable cross-platform build system. It is a meta-build system able to generate native build configurations for number of development toolsets on variety of platforms. CMake configuration would be very beneficial for GDAL users and developers. Let get the thing done.

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