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add a hint to geopackage documentation about trouble with NFS / Samba Shares

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Would it be possible to add the known SQLite Limitations to the description of the GPKG Driver documentation or link to SQLite more prominently?

This question is based on the assumption, that the Geopackage driver uses the SQLite Driver internally and such shares its limitations.

I tried to write a Geopackage on a samba share via the st_write function of the R package sf and failed. Same with ogr2ogr, eg. ogr2ogr -f GPKG dat1.gpkg dat1.shp Lorenzo Busetto hinted (, that I was probably bitten by the fact, that SQLite has problems writing on networked file systems (in my case: a samba share mounted on a linux system). Roger Bivand pointed out that there is a note on the SQLite Driver Documentation, which I missed looking only at the Geopackage Documentation.

Could the sentence SQLite databases often due not work well over NFS, or some other networked file system protocols due to the poor support for locking. It is safest to operate only on SQLite files on a physical disk of the local system. from be copied to the Limitations section of



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comment:1 by Jukka Rahkonen, 5 years ago

I think that there is too much good-to-know-about-SQLite stuff to include into the driver page. A wiki page in the users area could be a better place and some first topics could be

Feel free to start the wiki page at If you could create this ticket you should have rights to the wiki as well. We can then mention the wiki page in the manual pages of the SQLite based drivers.

comment:2 by rnuske, 5 years ago

Could someone help me start a new page in the wiki? I tried to start a wiki page and failed. Maybe I lack appropriate permissions?

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comment:3 by Even Rouault, 5 years ago

@rnuske I've granted you WIKI_CREATE permissions

comment:4 by rnuske, 5 years ago

Thanks @Even Rouault for write permissions.

I started a wiki page based on the above hints by @Jukka Rahkonen.

Some parts are still very sketchy (especially the point about R-Tree indexes and spatial views). Please help.

comment:5 by Even Rouault, 4 years ago

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