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Incorrect debug VC++ compiler flags in nmake.opt

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The DEBUG OPTFLAGS for the root nmake.opt are incorrect. The debug builds are currently linking to the release mode MSVCR##.dll (compiler switch /MD) instead of the debug mode MSVCR##D.dll (compiler switch /MDd).

Also, the DEBUG OPTFLAGS #define DEBUG, but not _DEBUG. There should be both /DDEBUG and /D_DEBUG switches.

To summarize: /MD in DEBUG builds should be /MDd, need both /DDEBUG and /D_DEBUG

Without these changes, GDAL objects will appear to have incorrect values in their member variables when a debug build of Visual C++ project uses the debug build of the GDAL DLL. Also, heap corruption will occur if a GDAL class is new'd outside of the GDAL DLL then delete'd inside of the GDAL DLL, or vice versa.

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