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'Recode from UTF-8 to CP_OEMCP failed' in /vsizip on Windows

Reported by: Even Rouault Owned by: warmerdam
Priority: normal Milestone: 2.0.3
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IRC discussion

[14:05] <jef> EvenR: should I build with HAVE_ICONV on windows?   Looks like CP_OEMCP is used in related to /vsizip/, which iconv doesn't know about.
[14:05] <EvenR>  jef: do you mean that you've already ICONV support and that causes problems ?
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[14:07] <jef> EvenR: yes.  I build "as usual" and I get: Recode from UTF-8 to CP_OEMCP failed with the error: "No such file or directory" when using vsizip.   with HAVE_ICONV it works
[14:07] <jef> s/with/&out/
[14:08] <jef> no, vice versa - but anyway
[14:10] <EvenR> jef: I think the issue is . The line should be #if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(HAVE_ICONV).  iconv support may be useful for other areas, mainly when dealing with shapefiles
[14:10] <sigq> Title: gdal/cpl_minizip_unzip.cpp at trunk · OSGeo/gdal · GitHub (at
[14:10] <EvenR> hum now that reminds me why some strange failures on tests occured on some Windows targets
[14:12] <EvenR> jef: could you test locally my above suggested fix ? if that works, I'll push it
[14:12] <jef> EvenR: sure (btw my issue is
[14:12] <sigq> Title: QGIS Application - Bug report #14440: QGIS 2.15.0-10 (GDAL 2.0.2-4) without vsizip support - QGIS Issue Tracking (at
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[14:15] <EvenR> I see this was implemented in . So the issue should have already been there in 1.11 (if built with ICONV). A workaround would be to define CPL_ZIP_ENCODING=CP437 as environmenet variable
[14:15] <sigq> Title: #5361 (/vsizip: troubles with cyrillic filenames) – GDAL (at
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[14:18] <jef> EvenR: yes, that works.  thanks
[14:18] <jef> EvenR: the #if that is.

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Milestone: 2.0.3
Resolution: fixed
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trunk r33688, branches/2.0 r33689 "/vsizip/: use CP437 on Windows when ICONV support is available (#6410)"

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