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strange line endings in frmts/raw/ehdrdataset.cpp

Reported by: paul-grass@… Owned by: warmerdam
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Some of the lines in frmts/raw/ehdrdataset.cpp seem to have wrong (maybe DOS-
style?) line endings: lines 462, 464 and 465

CC   -I../../port -I../../gcore -I../../ogr -O2 -I/usr/local/include -
I../../port   -c -o ehdrdataset.o ehdrdataset.cpp
"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 462: error(3104): unrecognized token
      pszName = CPLStrdup( CPLGetBasename(poOpenInfo->pszFilename) );

"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 462: error(3123): expected an expression
      pszName = CPLStrdup( CPLGetBasename(poOpenInfo->pszFilename) );

"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 464: error(3104): unrecognized token
      CPLFree( pszPath );

"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 464: error(3123): expected an expression
      CPLFree( pszPath );

"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 465: error(3104): unrecognized token
      CPLFree( pszName );

"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 465: error(3123): expected an expression
      CPLFree( pszName );

"ehdrdataset.cpp", line 475: error(3114): identifier "pszPrjFile" is undefined
          papszLines = CSLLoad( pszPrjFile );

7 errors detected in the compilation of "ehdrdataset.cpp".
make: *** [ehdrdataset.o] Error 1

Causes problems for the IRIX C++ compiler. FTPing the file onto a Windows 
machine in binary mode and sending it back in ASCII mode fixed the problem and 
allowed it to compile.

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I looked at the latest ehdrdataset.cpp and it does not seem to have this problem.
I think it must have been fixed by an interim CVS commit.  If you have a chance,
feel free to check with the latest source.
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