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    1 Hi,
    3 Just found a time to look into this issue.
    5 I should say that I have a code for SXF format developed by me several years ago, but it is still out of OGR tree because there were no pressing need for that driver (and the OGC SF model is not sufficient for SXF, so I developed a separate library for SXF reading and writing to be able to explore all the features of the format). Moreover, I actually have two drivers: the one based on SDK from KB Panorama, and another one with my own code only. I should note that official format spec is bad and vague and a bit of experimentation and reverse engineering is needed to properly read SXF files.
    7 There is a separate contribution now, so I am bit late with my own stuff, but it is certainly a time to introduce this new driver. So we need to come to some solution how we will proceed. I can invest some time for this development and push my code too. Though I don't want to put down a new contributor I should note that my code supports more SXF variations and goes further. Also it is architecture and compiler independent.
     1the goal of the work is to add a GDAL driver supporting the SXF (Storage and eXchange Format).
     2This file format is largely used in the eastern europe, and is primarly produced by a GIS software Called Panorama GIS MAP developped by the Russian KB Panorama Entreprise [[BR]]
     4informationons on :
     5  [[BR]]
     8Specification on (in Russian Language) :