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Compile errors on IRIX

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I have compiled GDAL 1.1.7 on IRIX 6.2 and got a few errors that I was able to
resolve as follows:

1) in file frmts/usgsdem/usgsdemdataset.cpp

"usgsdemdataset.cpp", line 331: error(3114): identifier "boolean" is undefined
      boolean   bNewFormat;

Not too sure about this but was able to fix it by adding the following lines
from frmts/jpeg/jmorecfg.h near the start of usgsdemdataset.cpp:
 * On a few systems, type boolean and/or its values FALSE, TRUE may appear
 * in standard header files.  Or you may have conflicts with application-
 * specific header files that you want to include together with these files.
 * Defining HAVE_BOOLEAN before including jpeglib.h should make it work.

typedef int boolean;
#ifndef FALSE                   /* in case these macros already exist */
#define FALSE   0               /* values of boolean */
#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE    1

2) in file ogr/ogrsf_frmts/shape/shpopen.c
This is a C file but contained some C++ // comments on lines 1829, 1835, 1841
and 1850. Just had to change these to /* */ syntax

3) in file ogr/ogrsf_frmts/avc/avc_bin.c
Another C file with a C++ style comment, this time on line 475. Changed this to
/* */ syntax.

Everything seems to have compiled OK after that.

Change History (2)

comment:1 by warmerdam, 22 years ago

1) I have replaced "bool" with "int" which should resolve the problem simply.

2) Done

3) Done (also I am notifying the upstream source of this code). 

All changes committed to CVS.  Let me know if any problems remain.

comment:2 by Daniel Morissette, 22 years ago

For the record, I have updated the master copy of the AVC library to remove the 
C++ style comment in avc_bin.c
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