Fusion SVN Repository Organization


This is the main development area for Fusion and is always the most up-to-date version. It will typically be somewhat unstable and should not be used for deploying applications.


Releases of Fusion are organized into branches. When a new major or minor release is made, it is copied from trunk to the branches folder and named fusion-<major>.<minor>. Any bug fixes related to that version are applied to the branch and new bugfix releases can be created from the branch from time to time. A branch is considered stable and usable for deploying applications.


All major, minor and bugfix releases of Fusion are tagged by copying the appropriate branch revision to the tags folder and named fusion-<major>.<minor>.<bugfix>. Binary releases are created by checking out a tag sub folder and running the build process against that folder. You should not commit any changes to a tag.


Everyone who is a Fusion developer should have a sandbox folder to use for testing out new ideas and implementing specific functionality. Sandbox directories can be used for anything you like.

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