Updating Trac Tickets Automatically from SVN Commit Messages

A special post-commit hook in SVN searches commit messages for text in the form of:

Instead of the short-hand syntax "#1", "ticket:1" can be used as well, e.g.:

In addition, the ':' character can be omitted and issue or bug can be used instead of ticket.

You can have more then one command in a message. The following commands are supported. There is more then one spelling for each command, to make this as user-friendly as possible.

close, closed, closes, fix, fixed, fixes
The specified issue numbers are closed with the contents of this commit message being added to it.
references, refs, addresses, re, see
The specified issue numbers are left in their current status, but the contents of this commit message are added to their notes.

A fairly complicated example of what you can do is with a commit message of:

Changed blah and foo to do this or that. Fixes #10 and #12, and refs #12.

This will close #10 and #12, and add a note to #12.

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