How to Create a Patch

If you have a patch that you wish to be included in the Fusion repository, this is what you need to do:

  • File a Ticket: No patches will be made to trunk unless they are accompanied by a trac ticket. For complete instructions: FilingBugs
  • Create the Patch File:
    • Get a fresh checkout of trunk or branch. See Using SVN for information on how to check out the trunk or a branch.
    • Make your the modifications for your patch.
    • Run the tests until they all pass.
    • From a commandline, run svn diff > yourpatchname.patch to create a patch file.
  • Attach Patch to Ticket: Click the Attach File Button under the Attachments heading and select the yourpatchname.patch file.
  • Attach new files to Ticket: Files you have created as part of your change are not caught by the diff process. You will have to add these files individually to the patch.

For instructions on how to apply a patch, see ApplyingPatches

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