Contributions to the Fusion project can come from a variety of sources. All contributions are welcomed and encouraged.

Issue Reporting

Issues can be reported through Fusion's Trac system. Please include as much relevant information about the issue as possible, including detailed descriptions, methods of reproducing, screenshots, etc.

Mailing List Participation

Join one of the Fusion Mailing Lists and start helping others.

Patches, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

If you have a bug fix or enhancement you would like to contribute to the project, create a ticket and a developer will review it for inclusion.

New Development

If you would like to become a committer to Fusion, you need to establish yourself in the community as a valuable asset to the project through participation in the fusion Mailing Lists and by demonstrating your ability to understand and improve the code base. From time to time, the Fusion PSC will recognize the efforts of individuals in the community by inviting them to become a committer.

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