Submitting Tickets

Bug tracking systems are only as good as the data users put into them. Well-written defect reports and enhancement requests are incredibly helpful. However, there's a certain amount of overhead involved in working with any bug tracking system, so your help in keeping our ticket tracker as useful as possible is appreciated. In particular please follow these guidelines:

Before submitting a ticket

  • Search the tracker to see if your issue has already been filed.
  • Ask on the fdo-users mail list first to be sure what you're seeing is a bug or if a particular feature already exists.
  • If you haven't already, sign up for an OSGeo UserID so that you can login to this site and submit your ticket. You will need to login with your OSGeo UserID in order to submit any content to the FDO Trac: new Ticket, send comments to existing Tickets, edit Wiki pages, etc.

When submitting a defect

  • Write complete, reproducible, specific bug reports and include as much information as you possibly can, complete with code snippets, test cases, etc.
  • Include a clear, concise description of the problem, identify the server and client platform, and provide a clear set of instructions for replicating the problem.

When submitting an enhancement request

  • Provide a clear description of the desired functionality.
  • Include motivations and use cases to justify the requirement.

Finally please do not

  • Use the ticket system to ask support questions. Use the fdo-users mail list for that.
  • Reopen issues that have been marked "wontfix". This mark means that the decision has been made that we can't or won't fix this particular issue. If you're not sure why, please ask on fdo-internals.
  • Use the ticket tracker for lengthy discussions, because they're likely to get lost. If a particular ticket is controversial, please move discussion to fdo-users or fdo-internals.
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