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The next meeting of the FDO PSC will take place on Thursday, January 22, 2009.

Meeting Chair: Greg Boone

Universal Time: 17:00:00 UTC Time

Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #fdo


  • Filling vacant positions on the FDO PSC
  • Review of the status of the 3.3.2 release
    • Release FDO 3.3.2 RC2 as FDO 3.3.2?
  • Review of the status of the 3.4.0 release
    • Beta 1 Release Posted
  • Review status of FDO RFC's
  • Review FDO build mechanism
  • Moving towards the next release of FDO. FDO 4.0(?) and beyond.


<gregboone>	Hi All
<gregboone>	Welcome to the FDO PSC Meeting
<gregboone>	It has been some time since we met.
<orest>	        Hi.
<gregboone>	I hope we can get back into a more regular pattern of meeting
<mloskot>	Hi All
<gregboone>	The only expected member not yet online is Haris
<orest>	        He said that he would be able to make it.
<FrankW>	It's too bad that Jackie and Traian aren't here.
<gregboone>	Yes.
<gregboone>	I agree
<gregboone>	However, both parties have (and Jason B) have expressed their intentions and opinions on the PSC makeup
<gregboone>	Well... I guess we should start.
<mloskot>	Friends, unfortunately, I have to keep up my decision from Oct 2008 ( about stepping down. I just wanted to show up on the meeting and remind about it - I'm still listed as a PSC member.
<mloskot>	I'd be thankful if we/you could take some actions on that
<gregboone>	Thank you Mateusz
<gregboone>	We appreciate all your efforts working on the PSC
<gregboone>	I will remove you as a member after this meeting
<mloskot>	It was a great experience to me working with FDO. Thanks to all
<orest>	        Thanks' very much for all your contributions to FDO!
<gregboone>	I hope you will still find time in the future to contribute to the FDO community.
<gregboone>	<rbray> Bob.. Did you also wish to speak about your membership on the PSC?
<rbray>	        yes I know there is concern about adding Traian having the effect of too many ADSK folks on the PSC
<rbray>	        So I would be willing to step down in favor of Traian taking my place
<orest>	        Is there an issue in simply adding one additional PSC member, increasing the size by one?
<FrankW>	I am not particularly concerned about overloading on ADSK folks.
<gregboone>	Jason had mentioned expanding the PSC if necessary, but I believe keeping the odd number and Autodesk/Community membership ratio is a good idea
<gregboone>	However.... if I am the only dissenting opinion, I can be persuaded to increase the size.
<FrankW>	I'm ok either way
<rbray>	        I'd suggest increasing the size
<rbray>	        The more the merrier and the more opportunity for people ot contribute
<gregboone>	OK. So Jason nominated Jackie and Traian as new members of the PSC, do we have a seconder?
* FrankW	seconds.
<orest>	        Do we need a formal vote on increasing the PSC size by one?
<gregboone>	Ah yes...
<gregboone>	All in favor of increasing the size of the PSC by 1
<gregboone>	+1
* mloskot	seconds - if he still has a vote in last seconds of his membership
<mloskot>	+1
<orest>	        +1
<rbray>	        +1
<FrankW>	+1
<gregboone>	All in favor of adding Jackie and Traian as new PSC members
<gregboone>	+1
<FrankW>	+1
<orest>	        +1
<rbray>	        +1
<gregboone>	Welcome Traian and Jackie.
<gregboone>	Both motions have been carried
<gregboone>	Is Jackie online?
<mloskot>	Thanks all again!
* mloskot	is about to leave, anything else he is supposed to do here?
<gregboone>	Thank You M
<gregboone>	Best Wishes
<mloskot>	anyway, you know my e-mail
<mloskot>	ciao
<--	mloskot has left freenode ("Leaving")
<gregboone>	The next order of business in the 3.3.2 release
<gregboone>	We have had a RC2 candidate for some time, but have delayed releasing it due to 64 bit compile issues on Ubantu
<FrankW>	I am not making any progress on this front.
<gregboone>	I am in favor of releasing it as is unless there is a clear plan in place to address those issues in a timely manner
<FrankW>	agreed
<gregboone>	Any opposing viewpoints?
<gregboone>	OK. We are agreed. RC2 will be released and 3.3.2 Final
<gregboone>	The next issue I wanted to raise was the 3.4.0 Beta. It has been posted and is awaiting feedback.
<gregboone>	There is no plan to post another beta. I can imagine the RC been posted once the beta is flushed out.
<gregboone>	Any questions/comments on the progress of 3.4.0?
<gregboone>	OK. The next topic I wanted to touch base on is the state of the RFC list.
<gregboone>	I believe there are RFC's on that list which are marked as Draft, but which have been implemented
<gregboone>	RFC22
<gregboone>	RFC29
<gregboone>	Is that accurate?
<orest>	        Also 21 and 30.
<orest>	        Sorry, you said "which have been implemented" - those haven't
<gregboone>	Agreed
<gregboone>	Does anyone have any updates on 21 or 25?
<gregboone>	25 was approved as well
<FrankW>	I thought we had consensus to try out CMake in a branch or something, but I haven't heard of any further activity.
<gregboone>	Branch or Sandbox
<gregboone>	I have not seen any further activity either
<gregboone>	I will touch base with Jason to determine what is happening
<gregboone>	With respect to 25: Informix provider. Are there are updates?
<gregboone>	(any updates)
<gregboone>	Was Haris posting interim builds on his company's site?
<gregboone>	I just checked... Looks like a download is available
<orest>	        We need to find out from Haris when he'd be able to post the provider onto fdo.osgo.
<gregboone>	I will ping him to determine if he plans to submit the source code to the SVN trunk. Currently is looks like it is only available on FDO 3.x.
<gregboone>	As for RFC15, I do not believe there are any plans to proceed on this and it can be deferred
<orest>	        Right, there were some outstanding issues and the author never got back to them.
<gregboone>	It can always be re-introduced post 3.4.0
<gregboone>	Any other RFC issues/comments?
<gregboone>	<Orest> What about RFC 30?
<gregboone>	What is the expectation there?
<orest>	        It was submitted as a proposal for a future version, not for 3.4.
<orest>	        I think Brent Robinson had most of the code done towards it.
<gregboone>	OK. Understood. I don't think there were any outstanding issues in that RFC that were still under discussion
<gregboone>	We can defer voting on it until we release 3.4.0
<orest>	OK.
<gregboone>	The next issue to discuss is the proposed CMake build system, but since no submissions have been made and Jason is not online... we will have to take that discussion to the fdo-internals list
<gregboone>	The final issue on the list is the future of FDO... before we talk about that, is there any other business to discuss?
<gregboone>	OK. It appears not.
<gregboone>	Regarding FDO 3.4 and beyond... is this a time to start discussing what the future looks like?
<orest>	        I had a discussion with Haris a couple of months ago. He was looking at some requirements that he was thinking about around the client utilities / wrapper topic. However, since he's not here today, it would be difficult to get very far on it.
<gregboone>	Yes. I agree.
<orest>	        It would be good to get other folks' thoughts on the futures topics.
<orest>	        In general, we all can add to the wiki pages on these.
<gregboone>	Agree
<gregboone>	I guess we need to start developing some concrete ideas if we are to move forward on this.
<gregboone>	Any further agenda items to discuss in this meeting?
<gregboone>	In that case, I close the meeting. Welcome Jackie and Traian. Looking forward to your involvement on the PSC.
<orest>	        On the future's topic, I want to encourage everyone to add to the wiki with their comments.
<FrankW>	+1
<gregboone>	Yes
<gregboone>	+1
<gregboone>	:)
<gregboone>	Thanks all for attending and talk to you soon
<orest>	        Cheers everyone :)

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