FDO OGR Provider

The fdoogr provider is a bridge to the OGR data access library from within FDO. Traian Stanev is the primary author of this provider. Questions about the provider may asked on the fdo users mailing list.

Use with Personal GDB

First create a System-ODBC connection to the MDB file in the Windows ODBC administrator. E.g. 'pgeo_somerset'.

Then add a new Data Connection to an OSGeo OGR Provider, and in the box for datasource put the exact format from the OGR documentation. In other words, use the "PGeo:" prefix and followed by the ODBC connection name. E.g.: PGeo:pgeo_somerset

Additional Formats

The FDO OGR provider may not have formats you require built in. The FDO 3.4 provider uses GDAL/OGR 1.6, and you may be able to use the gdal16 libraries bundled in OSGeo4W to provide additional capabilities:

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