Support the OGC Simple Feature Spec Enhancements for Z and M in Geometry


The OGC Simple Feature Specification, see was updated recently in version 1.2.0 to add support for Z and M dimensions in geometry. Previously, only X and Y were supported. Both WKT and WKB formats now support Z and M dimensions. The FGF format was based on the OGC WKB format, but at the time FGF was defined, OGC did not include Z and M support. FDO required Z and M so the FGF format supported. Now that there is an approved OGC standard, we should update FDO to support that standard. Note that the updated OGC Simple Feature Spec also added annotation text support, but this discussion does not include FDO annotation text enhancements. That should be done as a separate discussion.


Not done yet.

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