Enhanced FDO DateTime Comparison


There are a number of places in Provider source code implementations where FdoDateTime values are compared. Such instances include but are not limited to the FdoISelectAggregatesCommand implementations in non-RDBMS providers that support MIN, MAX. When a row is being fetched, the value is compared against the previous one. Currently the comparison is done in FdoCommonMiscUtil.cpp. For consistency (say with FdoStringP) and convenience, the comparison should be exposed in the FdoDateTime class itself.

API Changes

The following method will be added to FdoDateTime class:

FDO_API static int FdoDateTime::Compare( FdoDateTime * other );

other is the other value to compare against the current value.

The return values can be one of the following:

0 - this and the other value are equal or both null
1 - this value is greater than the other value
-1 - this value is less than the other value

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