ArcSDE FDO Provider - Support for ArcSDE 9.2


The version 3.2.1 of the FDO provider for ArcSDE only support the ArcSDE 9.1 client components. In order to use the 9.2 components, you will need to use the version 3.2.2 of the provider.

This notes give instruction on how to replace the version 3.2.1 of FDO provider for ArcSDE with the version 3.2.2.

Note: 3.2.2 components are binary compatible with the 3.2.1 release. There is no need to replace the entire set of FDO binaries.


You can download the binaries for the FDO Provider for ArcSDE supporting ArcSDE 9.2 client components here or on the FDO download page FDO download page

This package include the necessary dlls to run FDO ArcSDE provider against ArcSDE 9.1 or 9.2 client components. They are the same dlls provided inside the fdosdk-3.2.2_win32_release.tar.gz download package.


  • In order to restore the existing component in case there is a problem,

make a copy of the existing ArcSDE dlls (ArcSDEMessage.dll and ArcSDEProvider.dll)

  • Extract the dlls contained in the package to the same location as the original

dlls. You should have 4 dlls: ArcSDEMessage.dll, ArcSDEProvider.dll, ArcSDEProvider91.dll and ArcSDEProvider92.dll).

  • The entry in the providers.xml doesn't have to change.

ArcSDE Components

Make sure the ArcSDE components are under the same directory as the ArcSDE provider dlls or make sure they are in system path. Necessary components for 9.1 are pe91.dll, sde91.dll and sg91.dll. Necessary components for 9.2 are pe.dll, sde.dll and sg.dll.

The loader component will verify the presence of the ArcSDE 9.2 component first (e.g. sde.dll). If this component is present, it will use the ArcSDEProvider92.dll and connect using the 9.2 components. If this component is not present, it will try to load the 9.1 components (e.g. sde91.dll) and connect using 9.1 components. In case neither of the 9.1 or 9.2 components is present, the operation will fail and throw an exception indicating that the necessary client components for ArcSDE are missing.

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