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Namemapper.csv incorrectly maps "foot" to "US Foot" for Oracle 10 and 11

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The namemapper.csv contains the following entry:


where 9003 is the generic ID for US survey feet.

For Oracle 10 and 11, however, oracle uses both "foot" and "Foot (International)" for "international foot" which is CS-Map's 9002 generic ID.

With that incorrect mapping, many Oracle WKTs are not being parsed at all by CS-Map due to flavor detection errors.

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed in changesets 2279 (trunk, i.e. 14.01) and 2280 (14.00)


The fix was to correct the namemapper.csv so it contains the correct entries for

"foot" and "U.S. Foot". I corrected the following entries:

for international foot 9002,6,Oracle,0,"Foot (International)",0,1,0,0 9002,6,Oracle,0,"foot",0,1,0,0

for U.S. Foot 9003,6,Oracle,0,"U.S. Foot",0,0,0,0

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