1. FAQ - General
    1. What does GDAL stand for?
    2. What is this OGR stuff?
    3. What does OGR stand for?
    4. When was the GDAL project started?
    5. Is GDAL/OGR proprietary software?
    6. What license does GDAL/OGR use?
    7. What operating systems does GDAL-OGR run on?
    8. Is there a graphical user interface to GDAL/OGR?
    9. What compiler can I use to build GDAL/OGR?
    10. I have a question that's not answered here. Where can I get more …
    11. When is the next release planned?
    12. How do I add support for a new format?
    13. How do I cite GDAL ?
  2. FAQ - Installation and Building
    1. Where can I find development version of GDAL?
    2. Can I get a MS Visual Studio Project file for GDAL?
    3. Can I build GDAL with MS Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition?
    4. Can I build GDAL with MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition?
    5. Can I build GDAL with Cygwin or MinGW?
    6. Can I build GDAL with Borland C or other C compilers?
    7. Why Visual C++ 8.0 fails with C2894 error in wspiapi.h when building …
    8. How can i add particular LDFLAGS with GDAL < 1.5
    9. I am having problem building with external libraries, where can I look?
    10. What is GDAL_DATA environment variable?
    11. How to set GDAL_DATA variable?
  3. FAQ - Raster
    1. How to make GeoTIFF from non-geospatial raster?
    2. Why won't gdalwarp or gdal_merge write to most formats?
    3. How to improve gdalwarp performance?
    4. How to convert a raster to a layer of polygons?
    5. How can I create a blank raster based on a vector files extents for …
    6. Can I use gdal_rasterize to generate non-solid polygons?
    7. How do I use gdal_translate to extract or clip a sub-section of a raster?
    8. How to create or modify an image color table ?
    9. How to generate cloud optimized GeoTIFF files
  4. FAQ - Vector
    1. How can I delete feature from Shapefile?
    2. How can I delete Shapefile?
    3. How can I merge hundreds of Shapefiles?
    4. How do I translate a mixed geometry file to shapefile format?
    5. How to quote command parameters for GDAL/OGR utilities in Microsoft …
    6. How do I flip coordinates when they are not in the expected order
  5. FAQ - Coordinate Systems and Projections
    1. What are Well Known Text projections, and how do I use them?
    2. What Axis Order is used in GDAL/OGR?
    3. Can I reproject rasters with GDAL?
    4. Why doesn't GDAL automatically choose the datum transformation?
    5. Does GDAL/OGR use the PROJ.4 EPSG init file (/usr/share/proj/epsg) ?
  6. FAQ - Miscellaneous
    1. Is the GDAL library thread-safe?
    2. Does GDAL work in different international numeric locales?
    3. How do I debug GDAL?
    4. How should I deallocate resources acquainted from GDAL on Windows?
    5. C API vs C++ API
    6. How do I suppress warning encountered in Python API?
    7. What are configuration options, and what ones exist?
    8. What XML parsers are available or used in GDAL/OGR?

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