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    2424<B>What's new about PostGIS Raster?</B><BR><BR>
     26<I>March 24, 2011</I><BR><B>A great Code Sprint and... ...a new contributor!</B><BR>David Zwarg from <A href=>Avencia</A> and Pierre Racine from the <A href=>CFR</A> met for the first time at the <A href=>Montréal Code Sprint</A> last week. They came out with a very innovative MapAlgebra function based on a user defined PL/pgSQL function. This code should be committed soon with another version involving neighbour pixels. On another side, students are already showing interest for our <A href=>Google Summer of Code Ideas</A> and Bborie Park, an experienced programmer from the <A href=>Center for Vectorborne Diseases</A> at the University of California will join the team. He will work on a series of SQL function converting PostGIS rasters to the different formats supported by GDAL and on resampling. Welcome Bbories!<BR><BR>
    2629<I>February 14, 2011</I><BR><B>Two plugins to display PostGIS rasters!</B><BR>Thanks to Maurício de Paulo, there is now a plugin to display PostGIS rasters in QGIS. Look for "wktraster" in the <A href=>QGIS plugin page</A> and <A href=>Mauricio's article</A> (if you can decrypt portuguese!). Samething on the side of <A href=>gvSIG</A>, the popular spanish open source GIS! Nacho Brodin has developed a plugin to display raster stored in PostGIS. See <A href=>the page of the project</A>. On our side, we are working fixing bugs and implementing ST_MapAlgebra. See you at the <A href=>Code Sprint 2011</A> in Montréal (march 15-18)!<BR><BR>