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PostGIS WKT Raster Beta 0.2.4 Working Specifications

Objective B02x - Being able to intersect vector and raster to produce raster.

ST_AsRaster(geometry, pixelsize) -> raster
ST_Intersects(raster, raster)
Changes to ST_Intersection or use ST_MapAlgebra

Objective B02x - Being able to use "group by" to accumulate tiles to form a new raster.

ST_Union(raster|geometry, raster|geometry, ‘raster’|’geometry’) -> raster/geometry
ST_Accum(raster set|geometry set, ‘raster’|’geometry’) -> raster/geometry

Objective B02x - Being able to set and get the skew of a raster in terms of rotation.

ST_SetRotation(raster, angle)

Set the rotation of the raster. This method actually derive values for pixelsizex, pixelsizey, skewx and skewy based on the provided rotation angle.

Open Question:

PR: The angle should be provided in radian or in degree?

ST_Rotation(raster) -> float64

Return the georeference's rotation angle in (degree or radiant?) derived from the pixel size and the skew.

PR: I think getting the rotation get no sence since the result of pixelsizes and skew is not necessarily a rotation.

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