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WKT Raster Planning and Funding

This is the development page of PostGIS WKT Raster - a project extending PostGIS engine with raster support.

You can contribute with money or developer time. Contributing give you the opportunity to have a word to say on the development priorities and on the schedule.

For financial contribution, the conversion rate between time and money is 1200$ per week ≈ 5000US$ per month ≈ 60 000 US$ per year. Coders have to be experienced C developer with a minimal object oriented database development experience. There are some developers out there willing to offer their services to implement your needs.

We expect that developers will:

  • Try to follow the schedule or at least arrange it to fit their particular needs as much as possible in accordance with the project roadmap. The project is divided into coherent groups of tasks. We are very flexible on modifying the content of those sections.
  • Contribute to the specifications in order to agree and to keep track of what's done. Specifications of the intented development should be described in the Specifications page and submited to the postgis-devel mailing list for comments before starting development. Ask Pierre Racine to get write access to the specification page.
  • Contribute to the Documentation as much as they can to make sure we produce a coherent and a professional open source product.

Tasks are arranged into coherent groups: Similar functions together and dependencies first.

Possible status are:

  • To do: The task has not yet been funded. Everything is to do.
  • Funded: Someone committed some funding or developer time and the task has been assigned to a developper but the task is still to do.
  • In progress: The task is being implemented.
  • Pending: The developer is waiting for other development to continue.
  • Buggy: The tast has been implemented but is disfunctional for some reason.
  • Done: The task is finished.

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