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Initialize PostgreSQL cluster and run as server for compiled version

This is still a work in progress (Back to windows compile)

  1. Create a Windows local user called "postgres".
  1. Initialize the DB cluster from the MSYS shell:

/c/postgres/bin/initdb -U postgres -D /c/postgres/data -A trust

  1. Change the configurated port

You may want to change the port in the "C:/postgres/data/posgresql.conf" file to something like 8433 in order to avoid conflict with your regular postgres install.

  1. Start PostgreSQL following one of those two options:

Option A) As a Windows service:

1) Install the service: (from a DOS shell not MinGW) (Note that in this case postgres is a windows account so use the password you specified for the windows account.)

"c:\postgres\bin\pg_ctl" register -N "pgsql-8.4 test" -D "C:\postgres\data" -U postgres -P "somepassword"

2) Start the "pgsql-8.4 test" Services from "Configuration Panels->Administration Tools->Services"

If the service does not start, check the Windows Event Viewer for meaningfull error message

3) You can uninstall the service with:

"c:\postgres\bin\pg_ctl" unregister -N "pgsql-8.4 test"

This requires a restart. A faster way is to stop the service and then from dos:

sc delete "pgsql-8.4 test"

Option B) Directly from the DOS shell (prefered option):

1) In the same shell in which you initialized the DB cluster, do:

"c:\postgres\bin\pg_ctl" -o "-p 5433" start -D C:\postgres\data

2) You can stop the server with:

"c:\postgres\bin\pg_ctl" stop -D C:\postgres\data

3) You can restart the server with:

"c:\postgres\bin\pg_ctl" -o "-p 5433" restart -D C:\postgres\data

  1. Export the configuration variables

Before you do a make check for PostGIS, make sure to do an export of PGPORT and other variable to point to the one you are testing (you do this in MSYS). For more information about the PostgreSQL environment variables see

These are only good for the current session

export PATH="/c/postgres/bin:$PATH"

export PGPORT=8433

export PGUSER=postgres

to see path settings or any other variables at MSYS prompt:

echo ${PATH}