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===Initialize PostgreSQL cluster and run as server for compiled version ===

This is still a work in progress Back to windows compile

  1. Create a windows local user called postgres
  2. /c/postgres/bin/initdb -U postgres -W -D /c/postgres/data -A trust
  3. you may want to change the port in the C:/postgres/data/posgresql.conf file (in our case running under 5434 not to conflict with our regular postgres install)
  4. Install as service: (From Dos not MingW)

"c:\postgres\bin\pg_ctl" register -N "pgsql-8.3 test" -D "C:\postgres\data" -U postgres -P "somepassword"

  1. go into services panel under windows and start
  1. Before you do a make check for PostGIS

-- make sure to do an export of PGPORT and other variable to point to the one you are testing (this you do in MingW)

These are only good for current sesson

export PATH="/c/postgres/bin:$PATH"

export PGPORT=5434

export PGUSER=postgres