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Topo Geometry

A TopoGeometry is a PostGIS type used to represent geometries defined by topological elements (face, edge, node,TopoGeometry).

Current code implements the TopoGeometry using a class defined under the topology schema (topology.TopoGeometry). This has the following fields:

  • topology_id integer
  • layer_id integer
  • id integer
  • type integer

The actual _definition_ of each TopoGeometry is contained in the relation table of the topology identified by topology_id. The "relation" table contains a record for each component of each TopoGeometry. Interpretation of the component also requires looking at the topology.layer table, which tells if element type refers to primitive type (node, edge, face) or another layer (in case of hierarchical TopoGeometry).

See CreatingTopoGeometryObjects for information on how to create a TopoGeometry.

See PostgisTopology.

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