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Google Season of Docs 2019

This page captures ideas and accomplishments for the PostGIS submission to the Google Season of Docs 2019.

PostgreSQL is also participating (wiki).


Martin Davis (Crunchy Data)

Documentation Project Ideas

Content style review

Sugggested by: Martin Davis

Edit all content for prose style consistency, typos, spelling mistakes, etc.

Suggested by: Regina Obe

How to Workbooks that walk a user thru how to use each of the core pieces of PostGIS

  • Geometry / Geography - Loading data (shp2pgsql, QGIS DbManager), querying data, viewing data in various tools (OpenJump, QGIS, pgAdmin4), performance tuning
  • Topology - Converting existing data into topologies, building topogeometries, viewing data, and querying data
  • Raster - Deciding on tiles sizes, Loading raster data with raster2pgsql, querying raster data alone, raster / geometry queries, converting raster to geometry, viewing raster data in QGIS


Documentation tickets

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