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Code Sprint - Paris

Code Sprint

A European PostGIS code sprint will be organized in Paris next 15th and 16th of May.

The main aim is mainly to begin thinking about next releases... (and to give to Paul an opportunity to keep thinking about PostGIS even during holidays )

PostGIS (and related) devs who will be there:

  • Paul Ramsey (PostGIS)
  • Sandro Santilli (PostGIS & GEOS)
  • Mark Cave Ayland (PostGIS)
  • Mateusz Loskot (GGL)
  • Sébastien Loriot (CGAL)
  • Olivier Courtin (PostGIS)

(If you are concerned and interested, just subscribe quickly)

  • Beginning at 10:00 AM on 15 May
  • Ending at 5:00 PM on 16 May

Venue From Charles de Gaulle Airport (about one hour)

  • Take RER B (suburban metro) till "Gare du Nord"
  • Change to metro 5 (Direction Place d'Italie) till République station.
  • Here you are.

Code Sprint Place

Not to forget

  • You're laptop with all softwares to work with
  • AC European adaptator (for your laptop)
  • If you have an RJ 45 wire that's a good point (if not we will provide)
  • Smile and happyness


On May 15th in the evening (6:00 PM) an event will be organized (still in Paris) to allow some happy few PostGIS (power) users to exchange with the PostGIS dev guys.

The goal is to enlarge the vision to broader future axes, through discussions and/or small working groups.

So if you are already involved in the PostGIS project (or willing to), want to exchange with the dev team, and/or meet some other PostGIS afficionados at a cool event, just come ! (beers included)

For practical reasons we have to limit the amount of participants to 15. First registered, first served.

(if you want additional information, or want don't have osgeo id to registered on this Wiki, send a mail to <postgis@…>)

Folks subscribted on the 15th evening:

  • Thomas Reiss
  • Yves Jacolin
  • Vincent Habchi
  • Nicolas Ribot
  • Audrey Malherbe
  • Thomas Brosset

Ideas and topics proposal

  • Routing
  • Parallel processing
  • Large point clouds in db
  • 3D
  • CGAL inclusion
  • Boost.Geometry vs GEOS
  • Faster Union for Raster (native C instead of plpgsql)
  • ST_DelaunayTriangles ( ) with option to output as topology or TIN
  • Clustering of points
  • Data sampling based on geospatial indexes
  • GeomAsJsTypedArrays
  • output of indexed geometries
  • Faster reprojection
  • switch to git
  • Add your own

Bar Camp Place