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    88== Purpose ==
    9 To formalize SVN commit access, and specify some guidelines for SVN committers and patch submitters.
     9To formalize source commit source tree access, and specify some guidelines for source committers and patch submitters.
     11== Election to Commit Access ==
     12Permission for commit source tree access shall be provided to new developers only if accepted by the PostGIS Project Steering Committee. A proposal should be written to the PSC for new committers and voted on normally. It is not necessary to write an RFC document for these votes, a proposal to postgis-dev is sufficient.
     14Removal of commit access should be handled by the same process.
     16The new committer should have demonstrated commitment to PostGIS and knowledge of the PostGIS source code and processes to the committee's satisfaction, usually by reporting bugs, submitting patches, and/or actively participating in the PostGIS mailing list(s).
     18The new committer should also be prepared to support any new feature or changes that he/she commits to the PostGIS source tree in future releases, or to find someone to which to delegate responsibility for them if he/she stops being available to support the portions of code that he/she is responsible for.
     20All committers should also be a member of the postgis-dev mailing list so they can stay informed on policies, technical developments and release preparation.
     22New commiters are responsible for having read, and understood this document.