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    3737Initially Paul Ramsey will be the SVN Administrator.
     39== SVN Commit Practices ==
     41The following are considered good source commit practices for the PostGIS project.
     43    * Use meaningful descriptions for commit log entries.
     44    * Add a bug reference like "(#1232)" at the end of SVN commit log entries when committing changes related to a ticket in Trac. The '#' character enables Trac to create a hyperlink from the changeset to the mentionned ticket.
     45    * Add a note HISTORY to the commit log if this is a major feature that should be noted in the NEWS version release and credits
     46    * After commiting changes related to a ticket in Trac, write the tree and revision in which it was fixed in the ticket description. Such as "Fixed in trunk (r12345) and in branches/1.7 (r12346)". The 'r' character enables Trac to create a hyperlink from the ticket to the changeset.
     47    * Changes should not be committed in stable branches without a corresponding bug id. Any change worth pushing into the stable version is worth a bug entry.
     48    * Never commit new features to a stable branch without permission of the PSC or release manager. Normally only fixes should go into stable branches.
     49    * New features go in the main development trunk.
     50    * Only bug fixes should be committed to the code during pre-release code freeze, without permission from the PSC or release manager.
     51    * Significant changes to the main development version should be discussed on the postgis-dev list before you make them, and larger changes will require an RFC approved by the PSC.
     52    * Do not create new branches (except for spike branches) without the approval of the PSC. Release managers are assumed to have permission to create a branch.
     53    * spike branche (htose in the spike/username area are to be used for experimentation of for major code refactorings that will destabilize the trunk.  After
     54such experimentation is stable, this can then be merged into the trunk after approval from PSC members.
     55    * All source code in SVN should be in Unix text format as opposed to DOS text mode.
     56    * When committing new features or significant changes to existing source code, the committer should take reasonable measures to insure that the source code continues to build and work on the most commonly supported platforms (currently Linux and Windows), either by testing on those platforms directly, running Buildbot tests, or by getting help from other developers working on those platforms. If new files or library dependencies are added, then the,, and related documentations should be kept up to date.
     57    * In the event of buildbot failure notice, the person who caused the break must fix the break before working on anything else